What if your child was destined to change the world?

Lighthouse International Helps K-12 Students Discover Their Unique Strengths And Develop As Global Citizens. Because Our World Needs Them!

"It was everything I had imagined school to be when I was young and everything I wanted for my daughter and more, yet it did not exist in Missouri. We are doing it for our daughter and others like her. We look forward to welcoming all parents who dare to believe that there must be something more for their children."
- Eliza Rivas
Head of School at Lighthouse International

At Lighthouse International, we still believe in heroes.

Lighthouse International is the first micro-school of its kind in Missouri. An innovative alternative at an affordable price. A place where children are free to "fail forward". A place where they learn to BE and to DO, and to LEARN. It's education as it could be.

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Our promises to your child

They will:

  • Begin a Hero's Journey
  • Become a curious, independent, life-long learner
  • Develop a deep respect for political, economic, and religious freedom
  • Treasure the arts, wonders and mysteries of life
  • Discover their most profound gifts and learn to use them to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems
  • Form resilient and courageous character.

What Makes Lighthouse International Different?

Socratic discussions, collaborative projects, and self-paced learning in a student-led environment. Acton students are building real-life skills in the classroom every day.

"What if children could share learning in a tight-bound community with a high standard level of excellence? What if they are encouraged to find a deep, burning need in the world that matches the deep, burning need in their heart? We believe children are far more capable than we have ever imagined. That's why we encourage them to embark on their hero's journey to change the world."
- Jeff Sandefer
Founder Acton Academy

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Our Story

A quick walk through our story and mission.

Hi, I'm Eliza Rivas.

I'm the Founder and Head of School at Lighthouse International.

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