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Studio Design

Lighthouse International currently has three studios: Explorer/Discovery Cove, Catalyst and Launchpad.

We Call Our Classrooms "Studios" Because Students Are Learning Through Movement, Exploration, And Hands-On Activities. Find out how our learning design can help your child unlock their potential.

Explorer/Discovery Cove

Ages 6-11

A love of learning studio that offers a safe, caring environment where curiosity is sparked and children learn how to set and reach goals while progressing at their own pace!

Discovery Cove, for non-independent readers, can include learners up to age 8


Ages 11-15

Where whole-person, real-life education
begins - both in and out of the studio.


Ages 14+

Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Launchpadders get ready for real-world success by gaining and mastering valuable skills through apprenticeships, servant leadership, and pursuing hands-on quests that matter.

Your portfolio of accomplishments may dazzle admissions officers at top-notch universities or convince employees, partners, and investors to join you and change the world!

Learning is hard. It requires grit and perseverance. Acton Academy focuses on developing the whole person – mind, heart, body, and soul – because anything less is a failure to our children.

Hi, I'm Eliza Rivas.

I'm the Founder and Head of School at Lighthouse International.

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