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When you give to Lighthouse International Academy, you are investing in our mission to empower young heroes to find their passion and become who they want to be in the world.

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How We Support the Hero's Journey

Over time, our heroes develop the ability to learn quickly and confidently on their own. They hone the skills they will need to tackle real problems facing our world. They emerge with a strong sense of resilience, empathy, grit, self-efficacy, responsibility, eloquence, and integrity.

Your giving makes the LIA experience possible by:

  • Providing tuition assistance, making an LIA education available to more families
  • Empowering our Guides and Heroes to explore new ideas through enhanced learning materials and opportunities
  • Providing relief to our operating budget, allowing us to acquire innovative equipment and materials
  • Connecting LIA with the community

Ways To Give

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No contribution is TOO small to make a difference! All efforts/amounts are valued. The action of giving and supporting a cause about which you are passionate is not only commendable, but a part of your very own Hero's Journey!


Sponsorship is the simplest way to make an impact on LIA students. When you become a sponsor of LIA, you are helping our heroes to explore, make art, conduct experiments, build connections, take trips, and test limits. As a 501c3 organization, all sponsorship and donations to LIA are tax deductible.



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Please make checks and money orders payable to "Lighthouse International Academy".

For our mailing address, please contact

Gifts In-Kind

LIA accepts donations of equipment, materials, and supplies that provide relief to the operating budget or align with our current quests and priorities.

For more information on the types of in-kind donations the school is currently accepting, please contact:

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Please ask your Human Resources Department if your company matches gifts and obtain a matching gift form. Next, complete the form and provide it to LIA with your contribution. Our office will coordinate the remaining steps with your employer.

See here for a list of businesses that match giving in St. Louis →

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